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Dillon-Yellow Driver
Dillon-Yellow Driver
Dillon-Yellow Driver
Dillon-Yellow Driver

Dillon-Yellow Driver

Driving Loafer

Meet the perfect driver. A timeless casual classic with exposed hand stitching and a rubber pebble sole crafted to perfection. This driver will have you looking at your best no matter the season. Drop your office-wear and get comfortable with these drivers. 


  • 100% yellow suede upper
  • Hot-stamped monogram
  • Yellow suede mask strip 
  • Rubber pebble sole
  • Hot-stamped monogram


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Penny Loafers| Boat Shoes| Drivers 

Shoehorn:  Use a shoehorn as this will preserve the back counter of your shoe. Even better, you can avoid the unwanted creases that form from forcing your foot into shoes. 

Suede Brush: Brush the tips and backs of the shoes.


The beauty of these shoes is that they are versatile. That being said these bad-boys require minimal care, just keep them clean and dry.